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Highly durable, safe in application and extremely resilient – a tool can only meet such demands if the components are perfectly hardened.

An important cornerstone for the quality of REMS tools is laid in our own heat treatment shop. The decades of experience has provided important know-how and is the secret of REMS quality tools. The special heat treatment leads to an ideal combination of solidity and robustness and to an especially long durability, as, for example for threading dies, cutter wheels and pressing tongs. The heat treatment process is automatically monitored and permanently recorded by efficient computer technology. This allows a uniformly high product quality.

Metal Hardening

Nobody hardens metal better than us. Therefore, we do it ourselves.


Threading, Roll Grooving Sawing Cutting, Chamfering, Deburring Assembling, Testing, Flushing, Filling Bending Radial Press Jointing Axial Press Jointing Expanding, Extracting Soldering, Brazing Freezing Pipe and Drain Cleaning and Inspection Plastic pipe welding Diamond Core Drilling, Diamond Chasing Saw Product Videos  Extension of the Manufacturer's Warranty

The proven, indestructible REMS quality threading dies. Of robust, especially hardened special steel.

Our own heat treatment shop – an important aspect of the  know-how and the secret of REMS quality tools.

Heat Treatment REMS Dies Cutting Wheel REMS Pressing Rings

The art of hardening:

It creates extremely resilient components for the highest demands.

REMS cutter wheels complement the special demands of the various materials. In particular the special hardening process determines the durability of the REMS cutter wheels.

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